Synchronize Bluetooth phone with Thunderbird

Download blueZync

This is the download page for blueZync 0.1.6. See also Download latest blueZync version.

Download blueZync

blueZync 0.1.6 (unstable) has been released.
Currently downloads are only available for Linux i386.

Unless you already have OpenSync version 0.34 or later, you also need:

You can also

Install blueZync

cd /usr/local
tar xjf libopensync-0.34-Linux.tar.bz2
tar xjf libopensync-plugin-mozilla-0.1.6-Linux.tar.bz2
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib/thunderbird-
Install blueZync4thunderbird-0.1.6-Linux.xpi in Thunderbird with Tools -> Add-ons


blueZync is still in it's very early days, and contains lots of bugs.
Please back up all your data before using blueZync