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Develpers' detailed documentation for the mozilla-sync plugin for OpenSync. A part of blueZync.

mozilla-utils.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

A few utility functions for XPCOM and mozilla.

#include <stdlib.h>
#include "mozilla-utils.h"

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PRUnichar * NS_strdup (const PRUnichar *aString)
PRUint32 NS_strlen (const PRUnichar *aString)
PRUnichar * NS_strndup (const PRUnichar *aString, PRUint32 aLen)

Function Documentation

PRUnichar* NS_strdup ( const PRUnichar *  aString  ) 

"strdup" for PRUnichar strings, uses the NS_Alloc allocator.

References NS_strlen(), and NS_strndup().

Referenced by ThunderbirdCard::GetKey(), and ThunderbirdCard::UpdateFromXML().

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PRUint32 NS_strlen ( const PRUnichar *  aString  ) 

"strlen" for PRUnichar strings

Referenced by NS_strdup(), and ThunderbirdCard::UpdateFromXML().

PRUnichar* NS_strndup ( const PRUnichar *  aString,
PRUint32  aLen 

strndup for PRUnichar strings... this function will ensure that the new string is null-terminated. Uses the NS_Alloc allocator.

Referenced by NS_strdup().