Synchronize Bluetooth phone with Thunderbird

Develpers' detailed documentation for the Thunderbird Extension for synchronizing a bluetooth phone with Thunderbird/Lightning/Sunbird.
A part of blueZync.

blueZync for Thunderbird Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BluezyncPreferencesStatus for the blueZync preferences window
BluezyncSynchronizerMain class for the blueZync synchronization window
BZBluetoothStatus of bluetooth scanner
BZBluetoothDeviceDefinition of a remote bluetooth device
BZBluetoothExceptionException thrown by thread in case of errors
BZOpenSyncWrapper for OpenSync
BZOpenSyncExceptionException thrown by thread in case of errors
IBZBluetoothWrapper around bluetooth library
IBZBluetoothDeviceBluetooth device
IBZOpenSyncWrapper around the OpenSync library
PrefwinDevselStatus for the select devices dialog (from prefwindow)
signalExceptionException which we throw when a signal is caught
SynchronizeConflictDialogStatus for the select devices dialog (from prefwindow)