Synchronize Bluetooth phone with Thunderbird

Develpers' detailed documentation for the Thunderbird Extension for synchronizing a bluetooth phone with Thunderbird/Lightning/Sunbird.
A part of blueZync.

BluezyncSynchronizer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Main class for the blueZync synchronization window.

Public Member Functions

void BluezyncSynchronizer ()
void onAccept (event event)
 dialog is accepted
void onCancel (event event)
 dialog is cancelled
void onMenuCommand (event event)
 group selection has changed
void showProgress (int value, string text)
 Show progress.

Public Attributes

nsIFile bzDir
IBZOpenSync bzOpenSync
int conflictsHandled
int groupMenulist
int groupMenupopup
int progressLabel
int progressMeter
int settingsDialogShown
int synchronizationDone
int timeLeft
int timeout
int timeStep

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void BluezyncSynchronizer::BluezyncSynchronizer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void BluezyncSynchronizer::onAccept ( event  event  ) 

dialog is accepted

Called when dialog is accepted


void BluezyncSynchronizer::onCancel ( event  event  ) 

dialog is cancelled

Called when dialog is cancelled


void BluezyncSynchronizer::onMenuCommand ( event  event  ) 

group selection has changed

Called when group selection has changed


void BluezyncSynchronizer::showProgress ( int  value,
string  text 

Show progress.

Show progress

value zero to 100 (in percent)
text the progress text to show

Member Data Documentation

our directory in the current profile - set by loadOpenSyncLib

the main OpenSync object from the components library

set to true if conflicts where handled, so we do not try to handle again

menulist with menupopup with group names

menupopup with group names

the progress meter

the progress meter

set to true if settings dialog has been shown, so we do not show it again

set to true if synchronize was done, so we do not do it again on OK

number of milliseconds left until timeout for the synchronization thread

number of milliseconds to wait for the synchronization thread

number of milliseconds to wait between each time we check for the status of the synchronization thread

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